Signing Up

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1.  Click on SIGN UP/LOGIN from the menu from any page.


2.  Complete the form with your information and click on REGISTER twice


3.  You will see a green bar just under the Create an Account section stating Registration Successful.


4.  Now you may log in to your account with the email address and password you entered when creating your account!


5.  Once you log in, you will see a screen that will eventually become a snap shot of all the details of your listings.


6.  In the dark blue are on the left side of the website see Dashboard and Vacation Rental.


7.  Click on Vacation Rental to begin creating your first listing!


8.  Click on Properties then click on +Add Properties.


9.  You will see Reference ID.  This will be your reference number.  For example your first property might be 1 or a combination of letters and numbers A1.  If you add a second property it might be A2, etc.


10.  Now click on the dropdown arrow and choose a Type.  For example, click on Waterfront, Water Access, etc.  When done click on Save.


11.  You should now see options that will need to be completed for your listing.


  • Details
    • Number of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, etc.
    • Title and Description
    • Click Save.


  • Extras
    • Click all that apply
    • Click Save.


  • Photos
    • Click on Upload and upload your images
    • Click Save.


  • Address
    • The first entry will be the Address of your rental property.  This is used by Google only to display on map.   The actual address will not be displayed.  If you would like to display the address on Google map, you will need to click on the button under Show on Google Map.  Once the button is clicked, the box will turn blue and display YES.  Your property will now display on Google. 
    • Click Save.


  • Contact
    • Enter the contact information for your listing.
    • Click Save.


  • Prices
    • Click +Add Prices.  You can add multiple pricing points for different times of the year.  
    • Click Save.


  • Booking Options
    • You can have the option to book online or have them book thru your website or thru you directly.
    • Click Save.


  • Payment Plan
    • You can choose from any of the payment options listed to set up how you will accept payments.  You can also opt out for cash only. 
    • Click Save.


  • Terms
    • In this area you can enter the Terms of Rental.  For example you might include no pets, no large gatherings, no smoking, etc.
    • Click Save.


  • Email Notifications
    • For Client - complete this section with verbage the renter would receive.
    • For Owner - complete this section with verbage for you the owner
    • Click Save


  • SMS Notifications
    • The system can send a text message to your client when they enter a request.  Choose the type of notification and type a message you want them to receive in the Message box
    • You can also have the system send you, the owner, a text when someone has submitted a request for your listing.  Choose the type of notification and then type a message in the Message box.  
    • You may enter multiple notifications to be sent.  Click on the SMS Notification, choose the type, then click enter.  Choose an additional type and click enter.


  • SEO
    • Enter keywords for your property.  For example, beautiful waterfront, etc.


  • Reservations
    • This section will display current reservations and also allow you to enter reservations manually. 


  • Profile
    • This section consists of your information.  The phone number you would like to be contacted, email address and SMS number to receive notifications.
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